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    Do your boards come with letters?

    Yes, all of our boards include a full set of letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols.  The 10x10" boards come with a 3/4" letter set; the 16x20" boards come with a 1" letter set.  You can also purchase additional letter set sizes here.  

    Do we ship internationally?

    Yes, if you have an address that exists, we can get you a letter board!  You can check the shipping rates in the checkout before committing to purchase your board.

    Is your stock limited when it says it is?

    Yes.  We sometimes sell out before we have a chance to replenish our stock.  Please be aware that your item can't be held for you in the checkout; it is only for sure yours once you complete your purchase.

    Are letter boards really as cool as people think they are?

    Yes.  And they will make you cool, too.  

    Do you have a wholesale option?

    Yes, we do.  Please contact us at info@letterpoet.com to inquire about our options.  

    Do you collaborate with other brands and social media accounts?

    Yes, sometimes we do.  Please send along an email to info@letterpoet.com to inquire about the possibility of teaming up with your brand.

    Do you say yes to every question?  

    No.  But we really do like to be "yes" people, and we like to make you smile.