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    Hi!  I'm Sarah - pleased to meet you.  I'm so glad you're here.  

    I'm a wife and mom who lives in a small city in Alberta, Canada.  I've always had a love for words - in fact, I completed an English degree just weeks before finding out I was going to be a mother.  So I decided to trade a life of pant suits for one of leggings (I think I got the better deal, no?!) and homeschooling my 3 kids.  I also like knitting, tea, fitness, and having kids that wipe their own bottoms.  

    Along with words, I also love nice things for my home; merge the two, and that's where LetterPoet comes in.  I love that one day I can leave an inspirational Mark Twain quote on my board, and the next, a Home Alone quote... (guess which ones are more frequent?!)  I sincerely hope you enjoy making a statement as much as we do around here!  

    Thanks for stopping by, and please keep in touch by signing up for our newsletter!  

    Kind regards,